Wenco v. EOG Resources, Inc.

Wenco, a North Dakota limited partnership, appealed a judgment quieting title to certain Mountrail County royalty and mineral interests in EOG Resources, Inc. ("EOG"), and QEP Energy Company ("QEP"), and dismissing Wenco's claims for conversion and unjust enrichment against EOG and QEP. Upon review, the Supreme Court concluded that the district court did not err in ruling as a matter of law that Wenco's interest bore the entire burden of a prior royalty interest conveyance in the subject property, that EOG and QEP did not waive their rights to claim the prior royalty interest conveyance burdened only Wenco's interest, and consequently, that Wenco had no viable claims against EOG and QEP for conversion and unjust enrichment. View "Wenco v. EOG Resources, Inc." on Justia Law